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Preparing Your Lawn Mower For The Summer

Storing your lawn mower properly in the beginning of the winter, cleaning it thoroughly, and draining it, are the best ways to prepare it for the summer.  Take these following steps if you didn’t store your lawn mower so well, or simply to ensure optimal performance.

Step 1: Check the Spark Plug.

Unscrew and retrieve the spark plug from the engine.  Look at it and determine if it is in good shape or bad shape.  A bad spark plug will be covered in dirt to the point that the metal furnish is indistinguishable.  This could stop your engine from starting properly.  If this is the case, simply throw the old one out and buy a new one — they are relatively cheap.

Step 2:  Clean out the grime.

Turn the lawn mower upside down and get a blade or long durable tool.  Stick the tool in between the blades of the deck and remove any accumulated dirt or grass.   This will make sure none of the dirt or grass turns into permanent grime inside your machine, slowing it down and reducing its cutting power.  Dispose of the grime properly.

Step 3: Drain the old gasoline and oil.

Remove the fuel cap and drain any leftover gasoline into a can for disposal.  Put the fuel cap back on, and turn the engine on to run off any extra gasoline.  To be entirely sure, remove the fuel cap again and wipe down the interior of the engine with a paper towel.  Add new gasoline to the tank. Either open the crank case or the oil filler tube– depending on your model, and drain any leftover oil into a can for proper disposal. Add new oil.

Step 4:  Remove and clean the air filter with a rag and WD-40.

Now turn the engine on and see how well it works.

Preparing Your Snow Blower For Storage

Your snow blower is a high maintenance piece of technology that requires careful attention. To properly store it, first make sure to perform these steps to ensure nothing is damaged during the dry seasons. Change oil: although most manuals recommend you should replace the oil, it really comes down to quality vs. convenience. Installing aContinue Reading