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Four Uses for Your Generator

Sure, Maryland winters can be a bear, but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate until it’s cherry blossom time. That portable generator you keep at the ready can be the key to a whole new side of winter. Here are a just few ideas to get you started.

Hunting Camp

We can’t all be guests at Camp David, but you don’t have to rough it, either. Roll your generator into your truck bed and bring it along on your next hunting trip to power appliances at camp. Plug in some lights, a portable heater or your espresso maker – whatever creature comforts make you feel like the king of the forest.

Portable GeneratorToast the Holidays

With a portable generator, you’ve got the power to bring your holiday party or potluck outdoors. Set up a festively decorated buffet table under an open-air canopy, accent it with lights and let the party start! Guests can feast on steaming foods, kept warm with powered hot plates, or drink a toast with hot, mulled cider while enjoying the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort.

Good Neighbors

Start a new tradition and give the summer staple – a block party – a winter makeover. You and your neighbors can roll out your portable generators to power everything you need for a fabulous winter get-together. Anchor a white sheet between a few trees or posts and power a projector to screen a family film – “Jack Frost,” “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” are always winning choices. Use some laundry baskets filled with fleece blankets around your seating area to help keep everyone snug. Be sure to check with your local municipality first for information on any rules for holding an outdoor block party this winter.

Do a Good Deed

A corded snowthrower is only as useful as the length of your heavy-duty extension cord, but you can extend your goodwill unto others’ with the help of your portable generator. Just roll your generator out along with your electric blower and clear off your neighbor’s front walks or driveways. Your generator is always doing good work for you, so use it to do a good deed for someone who isn’t as resourceful or fortunate as you are.

However you use your generator, observe all safety precautions, respect private property and have plenty of fuel on hand. If you haven’t given your generator its fall checkup, call us or stop by one of our three convenient locations and let us get you prepared for some Maryland winter fun.