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Sawing Down the History of Chainsaws

Chainsaws are a vital tool not only for clearing up brush around your property, but also in the logging industry. They’ve been around for years, and have helped make the jobs of casual arborists and loggers alike more convenient and easier. You’ll often hear them in the distance if a neighbor is having a tree cut down or large branches trimmed. They’ve had such a positive impact since their inception, but do you know how they came to be invented?

It all started in 1785, says Popular Mechanics, which reports that the first serrated chain was described in a medical handbook as a tool used to remove diseased bone in patients. Nearly a century and a half later, in 1926, two-person saws were patented by Andreas Stihl – a name you may recognize from chainsaws still produced today. An electric model weighing in at 116 pounds was developed in that same year, followed by a gas model weighing 139 pounds in 1929. In 1941, these models were brought home from Europe by the U.S. troops to be copied.

Just a few years later, chainsaws already started to see major changes that made them more manageable by a single person. While the earlier chainsaw models were typically wheeled about and needed two people to operate, the development of aluminum alloys and components made from forged steel allowed designs to be made that could be wielded by a single person.

History of the ChainsawFinally in 1949, the world’s lightest chain saw was developed. Weighing in at a much easier to handle 25 pounds, the Model 3-25 made chainsaws more accessible for personal use. Fifteen years later, Stihl further refined the chainsaw by implementing the antivibration handle in 1964. This new development absorbed vibrations from the engine and chain by the use of buffer elements that made saws more comfortable to use and offered the operator more control.

As technology has continued to advance in the past half century, so have the advancements of chainsaws. Saws have gotten bigger, lighter, safer and easier to handle, with features like automatic chain breaks, composite material construction and plastic components helping to revolutionize saws. In short, they’ve come a long way since 1785!

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