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The Versatility of Power Blowers

Whether you own a power blower or you are thinking about purchasing one, don’t make the mistake of thinking they are only useful a few times a year to clean up fallen leaves. In fact, there are several useful ways to take advantage of your power leaf blower all year long.

After you are done blowing autumn’s leafs into neat little piles, don’t store your blower away for the winter. Depending on where you live, you might be faced with inches and even feet of snow piling up around your house every year. Instead of shoveling all of that snow you can quickly move some of it around with your power blower. While electric blowers get rid of light dustings of snow, more powerful gas blowers actually help you move around more densely packed chunks of snow. They even generate enough heat that they make actually speed up the melting process, getting rid of the snow even faster than usual.

Once winter comes and goes and you find yourself staring at a yard littered with fallen branches and other debris from winter storms, it’s time to use your power blower once again. Blow away this debris quickly and efficiently, allowing you to easily check off one big item on your spring cleaning list. Once you start regularly mowing your lawn again in the spring and summer months, you can also use your blower to get rid of grass clippings. This will help your yard maintain a healthy look that will last long into the fall.

These are just a few of the ways to use your power blower besides just getting rid of leafs. For more information about power blowers get in touch with the professionals at LJ Elter & Son Power Equipment Centers.

When is the best time to plant grass seed

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Uh-oh, you added oil to your fuel tank

Lawnmowers use four-cycle engines.  They differ in this way from smaller yard machines like a chainsaw for example, which uses only a two-cycle engine.  For machines like lawnmowers, gas and oil must be added to two separate tanks.  Don’t panic however, if oil gets into the gas tank, the lawnmower won’t explode.  However the gasContinue Reading

Mow It Just Right

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Preparing Your Lawn Mower For The Summer

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Preparing Your Snow Blower For Storage

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