Chester Lawn and Garden

From cutting trees and branches to piling leaves to clearing snow, L.J. Elter & Sons Power Equipment has all of the equipment you need to keep your grass cut, driveway clear and lawn looking beautiful. For tractors, mowers, snow blowers and other equipment that needs a tune-up, the expert technicians can provide any service you need and replace any faulty parts. To weather nasty winters and lightning storms, you can also find home backup natural gas and propane generators at the shop in Chester, Maryland.

With the right landscaping equipment, you can cut your yardwork time in half and enjoy a neat, clean and attractive exterior at every time of the year. L.J. Elter & Sons Power Equipment keeps you fully outfitted with the best equipment from the most trusted, most reliable brands, including Toro, Honda, Cub Cadet and more. Whether you are looking for a riding mower to execute tight turns around gardens and shrubs or you are looking for a shredder, trailer, chipper or blower to make yard work faster and easier, you will find tools for any job and any season.

Visit L.J. Elter & Sons Power Equipment in Chester, Maryland, to find your yard and landscaping equipment, come in for repairs or maintenance, or find your home backup natural gas or propane generator.

Manager on Location: Mike Pardee
PH: 443-249-3174

121 Wood Duck Ct Suite 101
Chester MD 21619

M – F: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm