Five Most Common Lawnmower Problems

Old LawnmowerLawnmowers are like cars: they help you accomplish a lot, but breakdowns and problems are inevitable. When issues or breakdowns come about, it can be a major inconvenience to your outdoor chore to-do list. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before! So what are the most common lawnmower problems that homeowners and landscaping contractors often run into? We’ll tell you!

Starter Rope Stuck or Hard to Pull

Now you don’t necessarily need to have muscles the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s to pull the rope on your lawnmower, although some days it might feel like you do! One of the main causes of this problem could be that the engine flywheel brake is unknowingly in use. It’s important to remember to bring down the bar entirely before pulling the rope.

Mower Won’t Start

When your mower won’t start, there could be several different culprits: dirty air filter, out of fuel or even problems with the spark plug. Be sure to check each component of your lawnmower to check these common starting failure points. Be sure your gas tank is full, your air filter’s clean, and the spark plug is not loose, dirty or disconnected.

Stalled Mower Halfway Through a Mow

Again, there could be several different reasons for your lawnmower suddenly losing power when you’re just about halfway through mowing the front yard. They include a dirty or clogged air filter or spark plug; using the wrong setting (like cutting tall grass on a low setting); or the grass you’re cutting is building up underneath your lawnmower deck.

Is the Lawnmower Smoking?

When this happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop, drop and roll. Instead, it’s a sign that the buildup of grass clippings is on overload or that you need to sharpen or replace your dull, bent or loose mower blade.

Slow to Start in the Spring

You can winterize your lawnmower to help ensure it starts right every season. This usually is a straightforward process of adding fuel stabilizer and several ounces of oil to help your engine start right up next spring.

Fortunately, many of these problems can be easily fixed on your own, but if you can’t get your mower working right again, call L.J. Elter & Son. Our repair team can help diagnose and repair your mower’s problems or help find the replacement parts you need to get your mower running right again. To learn more, call us today or stop in to any of our four convenient Maryland locations!

Written by Len Elters

Len Elters

Len Elters has assisted his father in building L.J. Elter and Son from the ground up. Today the business has grown to over 50 products lines and 3 stores across Maryland.

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