Power Brushes vs. Snow Throwers

When snow accumulates, we tend to not be picky about how it’s removed. All we know is it’s in our way and we want it gone so we can get on with what we have to do. However, how do you decide whether a snow thrower or power brush is the best option to remove the snow?

The answer to this question is simple: there is no answer. The truth is it all depends on your situation.

Power Brush for Snow RemovalA snow thrower is a piece of machinery that excels at moving deep and heavy snow. Say, for instance, you live in an area that gets pounded with snow during the winter months. Chances are, snow accumulation is very frequent and deep. To help you clear the way, you’re going to need something powerful and that’s where a snow thrower comes in.

It’s also a great option for wet snow as well. That type of precipitation can be very heavy and not easily moved with a shovel. A snow thrower’s engine has the power to pull in that snow and toss it out of the way so you can head to work.

A power brush, on the other hand, is a great option for areas that receive a great deal of foot traffic. The bristles on a power brush will get right down to the pavement and literally brush the accumulated snow aside. Speaking of foot traffic, power brushes are also very helpful in areas where people could drop items as well. A power brush won’t get clogged up passing over a dropped cellphone or keys, but if one of those objects is pulled into a snow thrower, it could cause serious damage.

All of that said, the ideal place for a power brush would most certainly be a business, commercial plaza or shopping mall. That way you not only keep people safe entering but allow them to see things they might drop also. They’re also a great option for residences, especially if your area doesn’t see much snowfall in the winter months.

Whether you land on a snow thrower or power brush, L.J. Elter & Son has got you covered. We have a full selection of winter equipment from leading manufacturers, including Gravely, Ariens, Shindaiwa and more. For more information on power brushes, snow throwers and other winter equipment we carry, call or stop in to one of our four convenient Maryland locations today!

Written by Len Elters

Len Elters

Len Elters has assisted his father in building L.J. Elter and Son from the ground up. Today the business has grown to over 50 products lines and 3 stores across Maryland.

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