Storm Outage: Using a Generator Safely in Blizzards

Honda Generators Not only do blizzards bring a great deal of snow and wind, they also have been known to cause power outages, leaving many in the dark. When this happens, many choose to wait out the storm while others get their generators going to give their house some power. Before you fire up your generator during the next storm, be sure to follow these safety tips to keep your home and family safe while it operates.

Always Run It Outside

This may seem to go without saying, but once you lose power and decide to start up your generator, make sure you’re doing it outside. This is because generators have the ability to produce a great deal of carbon monoxide. If they are inside, that can build up and become hazardous and even fatal to you and anyone inside the home. This also means don’t run it in the garage. If your garage is attached, the fumes could get inside your home, while if you have a detached garage, the built-up fumes could make it dangerous to enter.

Connect Correctly

It’s also important that your generator is connected properly to your home power supply to avoid any potential electrical hazards. This means following the manufacturer’s instructions as well as knowing where you can and can’t plug the generator in.

Maintain It

Before a blizzard hits, make it a point to perform regular maintenance on your generator. This way, once the snow starts to fly, you won’t run into any issues with starting it up or finding out why it is making a new noise. Regular maintenance will help you proactively protected against these issues and let you keep warm during the storm.

Refuel Properly

If the storm lasts longer than you expected, chances are you might have to refuel your generator. When you do, turn it off. Do not let it run while you do. Once it’s off, let it cool down completely as cold fuel hitting some heated parts of the generator could cause a fire. When the tank is full again, fire it up and head inside to keep warm.

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Written by Len Elters

Len Elters

Len Elters has assisted his father in building L.J. Elter and Son from the ground up. Today the business has grown to over 50 products lines and 3 stores across Maryland.

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