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Four Reasons to Get a Woodchipper

Woodchippers are used quite often for both residential and commercial jobs. They offer an easy, more convenient alternative to removing large tree branches and offer a way to remove debris from trees around any property with ease, and buying a woodchipper can be beneficial for your work around the house or commercial business.

Woodchippers, also known as tree chippers, are heavy-duty machines used to chop up large tree limbs or tree trunks into small woodchips. They help make properties safer and cleaner, and recycle trees in an environmentally friendly way. Woodchips can be used on farms or residential properties as mulch, as well, thus helping you save money from buying the rather costly landscaping material and helping the chipper to pay for itself in no time. Here are four key reasons why buying your own woodchipper is a sound investment.


They’ll make your job – whether you’re an arborist, landscaper or lumberjack – easier and less of a hassle. Tree removal jobs that formerly would require more extensive labor or large dump vehicles can quickly become much more manageable. When the job is less challenging, everyone benefits, from your business that can do more in less time to your customers who can pay less in labor for your services per job.

Reduce Your Work for the Day

Could you imagine having to cut a fallen tree into the smallest of pieces to make into sawdust or mulch? We couldn’t either! The machine does all the work so you don’t have to! If you’re mulching trees to create your own mulch at home or need to shred unwanted branches from winter or following a severe thunderstorm, a woodchipper is the perfect time-saving solution.

Recycle Fallen Trees

Woodchippers give trees the chance to be used again in a different form. With downed trees or branches, normally you would be limited – perhaps hauling these items away or using them in a summer bonfire. With a woodchipper, though, you can create sawdust to soak up oil around your garage shop or small chips or mulch to line your garden bed.

Portable and Convenient

Woodchippers are also highly portable, which means that you can use it on any project – commercial or residential. Use your woodchipper in the spring to mulch up downed branches from the winter and then take it to your summertime camp to clear out dead trees with ease. Or take it from job to job, chipping up local tree fall to create mulch on site to surround trees or line walkways.

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