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Fallen Leaves? Use Vacuums and Blowers

Colder air, shorter days, school buses – it’s definitely becoming more fall-like by the day. In short order, the leaves on the trees will start changing colors and falling, becoming a mess in your yard. Fortunately there are some great fall power equipment options to help you manage the clutter.

Leaf BlowerLeaf Blowers

Leaf blowers have been around for many years now, and offer a significant advantage over raking – namely that you won’t be raking. A quality leaf blower will help you corral all the leaves from your yard to a central location where you can then bag them up or collect for composting or dumping. If your yard faces toward a ravine or is backed by woods, you can even simply blow the leaves back into these areas, making your yard cleanup a snap.

Gas-operated leaf blowers are by far the most popular variety. Gas-powered blowers tend to be louder, but are more powerful, creating a wind speed two to three times that of an electric blower. In addition, they also tend offer far greater functionality, and are the preferred choice for those with larger yards or properties where there are many trees dropping their foliage.

Leaf Vacuums

Leaf vacuums, sometimes also called blower vacs, are a bit newer and offer increased simplicity for clearing out a yard. Especially handy in larger yards or ones enclosed by fencing without an easy place to direct leaf waste, these devices pick up leaves and small tree debris and compact them in the equipment’s storage area for you to dump out or bag – whatever is more convenient. Taking the back-breaking raking and bagging process out of the equation, vacuums make cleaning up yards much more simple. They’re also a great option for contractors, as well, as they can be used on multiple job sites to completely pick up all leaves and then taken to the next site, significantly cutting down the amount of time normally spent on blowing (or raking) and bagging.

At L.J. Elter & Son, we stock a full line of blowers and vacuums from Redmax, Little Wonder, Billy Goat, Giant Vac, Echo and other leading manufacturers and are sure to have the right equipment for any sized yard or job. Stop in and see us today at one of our three convenient Maryland locations, or contact us today for more information.