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5 Tips for Putting Together the Ultimate Container Garden

Container Garden A container garden is great to exercise your green thumb without all of the labor that comes with an in-ground garden. With summer now here, many gardeners across the country will try creating their own. To make yours look the best it possibly can, here are few tips to keep in mind when putting it together.

Plant Height

You want the plants in the garden to complement each other. That’s why it would be a good idea to have a blend of both short and tall plants in it. That way the plants don’t only balance one another out, but they make the container garden overall look more visually pleasing.

Coordinate Colors

When deciding on which planters, make sure that you get a variety of colors that match. That way none of the planters will clash. Another way to go about it is to buy one large neutral colored planter and find a variety of planters that match with it. Don’t forget that you can also select your flowers and plants to accent the color of your planter, as well!

Group for Texture Variety

In addition to the height, try to mix and match plant textures as well. This will make your container garden much more eye-catching to anyone walking by or visiting.

Make Sure They Match

Another item to keep in mind when deciding on planters – make sure they match your outdoor décor and furniture. If trying to balance matching your furniture and your other planters is troublesome, simply go with a neutral color.

Get the Right Planter Material

There are a variety of options when it comes to planter materials. You could go with a breathable material such as terracotta or you could go with the more elegant look of a glazed planter. No matter what you choose, just make sure it will work best with all of the above.

Whether you’re planning an in-ground garden or container garden, L.J. Elter & Son has the lawn and garden equipment to help you get any job done. From hedge trimmers and lawnmowers to woodchippers and tillers, we’ve got all the outdoor machinery you need to get your summer lawn and landscaping projects done. Give us a call today or feel free to stop by and see us at any of our four convenient Maryland locations!


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