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Get Your Lawn and Garden Growing – Spring Tips for Success

Lawn and Gardening Now that spring is here, many homeowners are getting started on planting and planning for their home gardens this year. Before you even purchase anything for it, be sure to follow these steps to make sure your garden is set up for success.

Trim Old Growth

After a long winter, there can be a lot of old and dead growth all throughout your yard and garden space. Go through and trim any bushes that may be too long or have dead limbs and remove them. If the job requires a little more power, than you might want to think about using a chainsaw to cut through any larger limbs or to remove branches that are blocking light from getting to your plant bed.

Get the Soil Ready

Once all of the old growth is gone, it’s time to get your soil ready for planting. Of course, that starts with a good tilling. Till and aerate the soil so that oxygen and moisture are able to get in. Tilling also makes planting easier by loosening the earth. At L.J. Elter & Son, we offer tillers from some of the leading manufacturers, including Honda, Mantis and Mighty-Mac.

Plant Seeds Where Needed

Not all gardens use seeds, as many choose to plant saplings or starter plants instead. However, many people will surround their gardens or other landscaping with ornamental grasses. These low-maintenance plants can add a visual definition to your garden and require little hands-on care. Once you finish planting your garden, spread fresh seed for grasses or divide existing growth to ensure an even growing form and great look.

Doing all this work can seem like a tall task, but the equipment available from L.J. Elter & Son can help you get it all done. We offer trimmers, tillers and seed sprayers from many of the leading brands in outdoor power equipment that will help you make short work of your lawn and garden preparation. Whether you need new equipment or need to get your existing machinery repaired, the team at L.J. Elter can help with our extensive inventory and repair services.

Before you get growing, get going to any of our four convenient locations – Kensington, Huntingtown, Annapolis and our newest location in Chester. Stop in and see us today!

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